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Standard ACC
Standard ACC

The Standard Air Cooled Condenser is an A-Frame design. The finned single tube bundles are mounted above of the forced draught axial fan on a steel structure in the form of an A.
A drive bridge is mounted above the axial fan witch include the dive unit like motor and gear box.
The steam duct, riser and steam distribution manifold convey the steam to finned tube bundles with condense the steam cooled by natural air.

The finned tube bundle is equipped with our high performance heat transfer tube. 

The State of the art Single Row Condenser (SRC) tube with steel core tube and brazed aluminum as shown right with advanced position of the seam weld of the core tube.

The Standard Air Cooled Condenser could be used in all Power Plant sizes of Fossil Fuel Fired, Combined Cycle, Waste to Energy and Co-Generation plants.